WWW – Where Successful Websites Begin

Before jumping into any marketing plans, like creating websites, ads, or emails, WebBirds.co.uk follows WWW to make things work better.

What’s WWW?

It’s like a guide. WebBirds.co.uk asks three important things:

  • Why are we doing this?
  • Who are we talking to?
  • What’s the plan to make it happen?

Why do we ask about these things?

Understanding why something is happening is like understanding its purpose. Why do people need it? Why should anyone care about it?

Who is it for?

We think about the people who might like what we’re doing. What do they usually do? How do we talk to them?

What’s the plan?

After knowing about them, WebBirds.co.uk makes a plan. What things should look like? What problems do we need to fix? What goals do we need to reach?

After we figure these out, we start working. We have four steps: Discover, Define, Design, Develop.


WebBirds.co.uk finds out all about the project. What’s important? What are our goals? Who are our competitors?


WebBirds.co.uk thinks about how to fix problems. We make things that help us start working. This helps us make a plan for how things will look.


WebBirds.co.uk makes things look good. We have many ideas and try different looks to see what works best.


WebBirds.co.uk makes sure everything works right. After we’re done, we keep making it better with updates.

Explaining why good designs and new ideas are important can be tough for new businesses. Knowing why good designs matter and making things easy for people to use is important.

EHaving a team that knows your business well is super important. It’s about making things look good and working well, and going to new places with your brand.

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